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Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 19

Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 19

Q.1. Pick the odd one out?

[1] MS word
[2] Excel
[3] Power Point
[4] MS Access
[5] MS DOS

Q.2. Which Operating System doesn't support networking between computers?

[1] Windows 3.1
[2] Windows 95
[3] Windows 2000
[4] Windows NT
[5] All

Q.3. Which of the following does not support more than one program at a time?

[1] DOS
[2] Linux
[3] Windows
[4] Unix
[5] 1, 2 and 4

Q.4. A ____is a flash memory storage device that plugins into a USB port.

[1] USB snap drive
[2] ROM
[3] USB memory maker drive
[4] Magnetic tape
[5] USB flash drive

Q.5. A bar which is seen at the bottom of the screen (usually) when the computer is turned on is known as ________.

[1] Address Bar
[2] Task Bar
[3] Windows Bar
[4] Line bar
[5] Status bar

Q.6. The maximum size of a write file is limited to only ______.

[1] Name of the file
[2] Extension of the file
[3] The amount of memory in your computer
[4] The amount of ROM in your computer
[5] All of above

Q.7. To save an existing file with a new name or to a new location, you should use _____command.

[1] Save
[2] Save and Replace
[3] Save as
[4] New file
[5] Rename

Q.8. What is dispatch latency?

[1] The time taken by the dispatcher to stop one process and start another
[2] The time taken by the processor to write a file into disk
[3] The whole time taken by all processor
[4] The time taken by user to write a file into disk
[5] None of Above

Q.9. The date and time displays on ______.

[1] Task Manager
[2] Status bar
[3] System tray
[4] Launch pad
[5] Title bar

Q.10. ______ runs on a computer hardware and serves as a platform for other system to run on.

[1] Operating system
[2] Application system
[3] System software
[4] Compiler
[5] All of above

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