Famous Personalities - Aurobindo Ghosh (1872 - 1950)

1. He was a Bengali who was a government official and lecturer before he started taking active part in the national movement.
2. During the anti-partition struggle, he was one of the leading extremists.
3. In a series of articles published in 1893 called 'New Lamp of old' he severely criticised the loyality of the congressmen.
4. He raised politics to the plane of spirituality and provided a philosophy to Indian extremist movement.
5. After 1910, he settled down in Pondicherry and engaged himself in philosophical, spiritual and literary activities.
6. However, he continued to provide guidance to the national leaders.
7. His books Savitri (the longest epic poem in English) and The Life Divine evoked admiration from foreigners.
8. He established Aurobindo Ashram for the spiritual development of his disciples.

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