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Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 03

Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 03

Directions : Complete the following sentence using the suitable word/phrase.
1. The sound produced by crows is _____
[a] craw
[b] crow
[c] croak
[d] caw

2. He was a _____ old gentleman with a flowing beard.
[a] reverent
[b] raverent
[c] raverend
[d] reverend

3. ______ tell means predict.
[a] pretell
[b] fortell
[c] forecast
[d] foretell

4. A drug used to reduce sadness is _____ depressant?
[a] re-depressant
[b] de-depressant
[c] anti-depressant
[d] pro-depressant

5. We decided to ______ the President of the Society.
[a] called on
[b] call by
[c] call on
[d] call for

6. His conduct is extremely _____
[a] childlike
[b] childishly
[c] childish
[d] children like

7. I had a very bad night, I didn't sleep _____ wink
[a] an
[b] the
[c] a
[d] any

8. There won't be time ______ ?
[a] will there?
[b] is there?
[c] is it?
[d] isn't it?

9. What _____ for your breakfast?
[a] do you have
[b] have
[c] you do have
[d] have you have

10. Your roof is leaking; you should ______
[a] have it repaired
[b] repair it
[c] repaired
[d] make it repaired

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