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Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 15

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 15

1. The muslim league observed 'Direct Action Day' on:

2. Who coined the word 'Pakistan'?

3. Madras Mahajan Sabha was setup in:

4. Name the leader of the Munda rebellion:

5. Who published the paper, 'New India'?

6. Name the General Secretary of the Home Rule League founded by Annie Besant:

7. The Lucknow pact was in:

8. Who was the first president of the All India Trade Union Congress?

9. The first factory Act was passed in:

10. Name the first president of the All India Kisan Sabha:

11. The Congress Resolution on 'National Economic Programme' was passed in:

12. Who published the pamphlet 'Hind Swaraj?

13. The Champaran Satyagraha was held in:

14. Name the chairman of the committee which prepared the Nehru Report:

15. M.A Jinnah declared his fourteen points in:

16.Name of the nightingale of India:

17. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain during the first and second Round Table conferences?

18. The Individual Satyagraha was ended in:

19. Who set up an association called 'Mitra Mela'?

20. Who founded the Ghadar Party?

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