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Kerala PSC - Solved Paper - Librarian Grade IV (State Central Library)

Kerala PSC - Solved Paper - Librarian Grade IV (State Central Library)
Kerala PSC - Solved Paper - Librarian Grade IV (State Central Library) Exam held on 12 Apr 2016, Paper Code - A

1.  A book printed before 1501 is known as:
Ans: Incunabula

2.  Delhi Library Association is the publisher of:
Ans: Indian Press Index

3.  Documentation Research and Training Centre is located at:
Ans: Bangalore

4.  In which year the Kerala Grandasala Sangham was formed?
Ans: 1945

5.  International Institute of Bibliography (IIB) was the initial name of:
Ans: FID

6.  Library of Congress was founded in the year:
Ans: 1800

7.  NASSDOC is developed by:

8.  NISCAIR is the publisher of:
Ans: Indian Science Abstract

9.  Peter Lazer developed:

10.  SENDOC is located at:
Ans: Hyderabad

11.  The chairman of the Library committee appointed by UGC in 1957 was:
Ans: S.R.Ranganathan

12.  The Five Laws of Library Science of S.R.Ranganathan was first published in:
Ans: 1931

13.  'Best reading for the largest number at the least cost' is the book selection principle suggested by:
Ans: Dewey

14.  Bottom card and Top card is used in:
Ans: Kardex

15.  Conscience box is used in libraries for collecting:
Ans: Overdue fine

16.  GOC stands for:
Ans: Good Offices Committee

17.  The Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation is located at:
Ans: Calcutta

18.  Universal Availability of Publications is a programme of:

19.  UNESCO Public librar manifesto was first published in:
Ans: 1949

20.  Which state enacted public library legislation in India first?
Ans: TamilNadu

21.  World Library and Information Congress is regularly organised by:

22.  A government grant of exclusive priviledge on a new invention for a term of years is called:
Ans: Patent

23.  In which year Trivandrum Public Library (presently the Kerala State Central Library) was established?
Ans: 1829

24.  Job evaluation is the process of:
Ans: Fix the salary of a job

25. Method of Details is a method used in libraries for:
Ans: Financial estimation

26.  Morocco leather is made from:
Ans: Goat

27.  PPBS stands for:
Ans: Planning Programming Budgeting System

28.  The acronym POSDCORB is devised by:
Ans: L.Gulick

29.  The serial number against which the details of the book are recorded in the official register of the library is called:
Ans: Accession Number

30.  Three Card System is used for:
Ans: Registration of periodicals

31.  Periodical published in every three months is called:
Ans: Quarterly

32.  ARIST stands for:
Ans: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology

33.  Asian Recorder is a :
Ans: News Digest

34.  CAS stands for:
Ans: Current Awareness Service

35.  UNISIST is a programme sponsored by IFLA and:

36.  Glossary of library terms is published by:
Ans: America Library Association

37.  Guide of Literature is treated as a:
Ans: Tertiary source

38.  Indicative abstract is:
Ans: An outline of a document

39.  A website where entries are written in chronological order is called:
Ans: Blog

40.  CDS/ISIS is a software developed by:

41.  ENIAC is known as:
Ans: First Generation computer

42.  Journal of Documentation is published from:
Ans: UK

43.  Index India is published by:
Ans: Rajasthan Library Association

44.  The concept of Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) service was coined by:
Ans: H.P.Luhn

45.  The term of a patent granted in India is:
Ans: 20 years

46.  Union Catalogue of Scientific Serials in India is compiled by:

47.  Which one is a geographical source?
Ans: Gazetter

48.  Who released the first issue of the Indian National Bibliography (1957)?
Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

49.  World of Learning is a/an:
Ans: Encyclopaedia

50.  The Cumulative Book Index is published by:
Ans: Wilson Book Publishing Co.

51.  ERNET is implemented by:
Ans: Department of Electronics, Government of India

52.  Library and Information Science Abstract (LISA) is publisehd by:
Ans: The Library Association, London

53.  International Serial Data System (ISDS) is an information centre developed by:

54.  LibQual is a tool for measuring library service quality developed by:
Ans: Association of Research Libraries

55.  LIS Forum is an email discussion forum run by:
Ans: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

56.  Ulrich's International Periodical Directory is published by:
Ans: R.R.Bowker

57.  A 'Classification and Subject Index for Cataloguing and arrnging the books and pamphlet of a library' was the title of the first edition of:
Ans: Dewey Decimal Classification

58.  An ordinal number which fixes the position of a document relative to the other documents having the same class is called:
Ans: Book Number

59.  Biochemistry is an example of the mode of formation of subjects:
Ans: Fusion

60.  In UDC, equal to (=) sign is used to add:
Ans: Common auxiliary of language

61.  Thrishna is a CDS/ISIS based software developed by:

62.  Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is an example of:
Ans: Almost faceted scheme

63.  Which one of the folowing is an open source library software?

64.  Broad System of Ordering is a classification  system or switching language developed by:

65.  DDC is presently published by:
Ans: Forest Press

66.  Dictionary Catalogue Cose (1945) is devised by :
Ans: S.R.Ranganathan

67.  The Bibliographic Classification (bc) is devised by:
Ans: H.E.Bliss

68.  The connecting symbol used to add a second level Time isolate number (T2) with first level Time isolate (T1) number in Colon Classification:
Ans: Dot

69.  In FID/CCC, CCC stands for:
Ans: Central Classification Committee

70.  In which indexing system Roleoperator is used:

71.In ISBD (ER), ER stands for:
Ans: Electronic Resource

72.  Dublin Core is related to:
Ans: Greenstone software

73. The standard size of a catalogue card is:
Ans: 7.5*12.5 cm

74.  The first Thesarus published in the world is:
Ans: Roget's Thesaurus

75.  Which edition of Colon Classification is considered as a freely faceted classification scheme?
Ans:  Seventh edition

76.  The ISSN national centre in India is:
Ans: National Science Library, Chennai

77.  The latest ISBN number contains:
Ans: 13 digits

78.  The Remington Company of India introduced:
Ans: Kardex

79.  The terms AND,OR ,NOT used in advanced information search and retrieval are known as:
Ans: Boolean operators

80.  Science Direct is a database owned by:
Ans: Elsevier Publishers

81.  Which river is known as Nile of Kerala?
Ans: Bharathapuzha

82.  Who established Atmavidya Sangham?
Ans: Vaghbhadanandan

83.  Who won the MV Pylee Award 2016?
Ans: Janey James

84.  In which year the Ninth Schedule was added to the Indian Constitution?
Ans: 1951

85.  Identify the field to which Mr. Anil Ganguly is related?
Ans: film

86.  Which of the following was the centre of Salt Satyagraha in Kerala during the civil Disobedience Movement?
Ans: Payyannur

87.  Which of the follwoing Fundamental Rights has been deleted by 44th amendment bill?
Ans: Right to Property

88.  Who wasthe first Harijan  member of Srimoolam Prajasabha?
Ans: Ayyankali

89.  English is the official language of which of the following state?
Ans: Nagaland

90.  Identify the part of the Indian Constitution which reflects the mind and ideals of the framers:
Ans: Preamble

91.  In which state the Flamingo Festival 2016 is organised?
Ans: Andhra Pradesh

92.  He was born in 1852. His real name was Karattu Govinda Menon. He founded the Anandmatham. Who is he?
Ans: Brahmananda Sivayogi

93.  Our Prime Minister announced 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojna' on 22 January 2015 at:
Ans: Panipat

94.  Who is the author of the book'The Country of First Boys'?
Ans: Amartya Sen

95.  Sarkaria Commission was closely related to whichof the following area?
Ans: Central State relations

96.  Who founded Valasamudaya Parishkarani Sabha?
Ans: Pandit Karuppan

97.  Who won the Sree Chithira Tirunal National Award 2015?

98.  From which country India borrowed the scheme  of Indian Federation?
Ans: Canada

99.  International Day of the Girl Child is on:
Ans: October 11

100.  Whose autobiography is 'Ente Nadukadathal'?
Ans: Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai
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