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Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 75

1 . Ayyankali was born on

2 . House Name of Ayyankali

3 . Which year Sadhujana paripalana sangam founded by Ayyankali

4 . The journal of Sadhujana paripalana sangam

5 . Villuvandi Yaathara conducted by

6 . Childhood Name of Ayyankali

7 . Sadhujana paripalana sangam also know as

8 . Ayyankali met Sreenarayana Guru at

9 . Which year Ayyankali conducted Aralumoodu Lahala

10 . Now Sadhujana Paripalana sangam known as

11 . Who called him Ayyankali as "The Great Son of India "

12 . The first editor of Sadhujana Paripalini

13 . The founder of Kochi Pulaya Sabha

14 . Who conducted Kallumala Samagam or Perinadu Lahala

15 . Who conducted Ooruttambalam Lahala or Thonnooramandu Lahla or Pulaya Lahala

16 . Ayyankali's tomb is known as

17 . The Architect of the statue of Ayyankali at Kawdiar

18 . Ayyankali urban Employment Guarantee scheme Launched on

19 . Ayyankali met Gandhiji at

20 . Which year Indian Postal department publish postage stamp in the memory of Ayyankali

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