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Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 60

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 60

1. The First agreement between the British and the Venad King was signed in the year?

2. Name the Yuvaraja, who signed in the agreement for Venad with the British?

3. In which year was the Dutch East India Company established ?

4. The English East India Company was founded in the year ?

5. Who were the first Protestants in Europe to Establish trade links with Kerala?

6. The first Indian ruler to execute an agreement with the Dutch?

7. Who known as the founder of modern Travancore?

8. Who was the king of Travancore during the invasions of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sulthan?

9. The King popularly known as Dharma Raja?

10. The successor of Marthanda Varma as the ruler of Travancore?

11. The First Englishman to reach Kerala?

12. The first revolt against the British in Kerala?

13. In which year was the Attingal Rebellion?

14. With which Princely state in India did the British made their first treaty in 1723?

15. Slave trade was banned in Malabar in the year?

16. Kochi came under the administrative control of the Madras Province in which year?

17. Who was the first British Resident to Travancore?

18. Which was the first book to be published completely in Malayalam Script?

19. The Samkshepa Vedartham was published in 1772 from _____?

20. Who compiled the first Malayalam dictionary?

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