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Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 67

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 67

1. Which form the sound is

[a] A form of light
[b] A form of substance
[c] A form of energy
[d] A form of matter

2. Kayyr Rebellion started in

[a] 1941
[b] 1957
[c] 1946
[d] 1934

3. Name the European dictator who dectared, “I am the state”.

[a] Napolean
[b] Charles V
[c] Henry VI
[d] Louis XIV

4. Who is the only Chief Justice to act as President of India

[a] Jus. Ramaswamy
[b] Jus. Hidayatullah
[c] Jus. Harilal J Kania
[d] None of these

5. The combustible material at the tip of a safety match stick is

[a] sulphur
[b] manganese dioxide
[c] phosphorus
[d] antimony sulphide

6. “No citizen of India shall accept any title from any foreign state”. The statement is

[a] True
[b] False
[c] Partly correct
[d] None of the above

7. Who is the third youngest Indian Cricketer to take 100 wickets in Test Cricket?

[a] Ishant Sharma
[b] Harbhajan Singh
[c] Zaheer Khan
[d] S.Sreesanth

8. World Health Organisation established on

[a] April 7, 1948
[b] May 30, 1984
[c] April 24, 1947
[d] September 7, 1950

9. Aspirin is the common name of

[a] Salicylic acid
[b] Salicylate
[c] Methyl Salicylate
[d] Acetyl Salicylic Acid

10. Static body possesses

[a] Kinetic energy
[b] Potential energy
[c] Nuclear energy
[d] Gravitational energy

11. Who is responsible for the collection & publication of monetary and financial information ?

[a] Finance Commission
[b] Finance Ministry
[c] Reserve Bank of India
[d] Auditor and Comptroller General of India

12. Unit of heat

[a] joule
[b] hertz
[c] calorie
[d] Both a and c

13. Coronation Cup is associated with which of the following games?

[a] Football
[b] Polo
[c] Cricket
[d] Hockey

14. Where was held the first Commonwealth Games?

[a] New Delhi
[b] Qualalampure
[c] Beijing
[d] None of these

15. Which one of the following is not a member of BRIC Nations?

[a] Brazil
[b] India
[c] Russia
[d] Canada

16. The headquarters of North Malabar Grameen Bank

[a] Malappuram
[b] Kannur
[c] Wayanad
[d] Kozhikode

17. Swimming in sea water is easy or difficult?

[a] Easy
[b] Difficult
[c] Not easy
[d] None of these

18. There is some confusion ——— the agreement.

[a] in
[b] over
[c] on
[d] around

19. Water Lily is the National Emblem of which of the following countries?

[a] Bangladesh
[b] Canada
[c] France
[d] Italy

20. Who is the Chairman of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)?

[a] Manmohan Singh
[b] Nandan Nilekani
[c] Sam Pitroda
[d] Jayram Ramesh

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