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Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 69

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 69

1. 2018 FIFA World cup Football match held at

2.who is the president of the 1901 Kolkata session

3.Primary memory is also know as student day

5. First vice president of SNDP

6 . The book swaraj written by

7 . Which place is known as Queen of Himalaya

8 . The book Wants and needs of India written by

9 . Only one state in India share coastal boarder with Indian Ocean

10 . The only Malayali become president of INC

11 . Aim of RAY

12 . First metro service in India get ISO Certificate

13 . Copper Sulphate is known as

14 . The Military Operation for conquer Siyachin

15 . World citizen day

16 . Kailash satyarthi is associated with which movement

17 . Nelliampathi is known as

18 . UGC Was set up by the recommendation of which committee

19 . The second largest producer of milk in the world

20 . Gaddafi stadium is situated at

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