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Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 64

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 64

1. National game of USA

[a] Ice hockey
[b] Rughby
[c] Water Polo
[d] Baseball

2. Spot the error:

[a] He runs /
[b] as fast like /
[c] his brother /
[d] no error

3. Saivite Saints were called?

[a] Alwars
[b] Nayanars
[c] Digambharas
[d] None of these

4. Where will be held the 2016 Olympics?

[a] Melbourne
[b] Newyork
[c] Russia
[d] Brazil

5. Rama has come, ———— ?

[a] hasn’t Rama
[b] has he
[c] hasn’t he
[d] doesn’t he

6. The main component present in bones and teeth

[a] Calcium carbonate
[b] Calcium phosphate
[c] Calcium sulphate
[d] Magnesium carbonate

7. The largest river of group is –––––

[a] Volga
[b] Rhine
[c] Po
[d] Elbe

8. Matricide means:

[a] Killing a large number of people.
[b] Killing of one’s father.
[c] Killing of one’s own mother.
[d] Killing of one’s own brother.

9. The use of kharoshti in ancient Indian architecture is the result of India's contact with

[a] China
[b] Greece
[c] Iran
[d] Centrol Asia

10. Who amongst the following kings defeated Harsha’s army on the bank of river Narmada?

[a] Krishnadeva Raya
[b] Pulakesin II
[c] Rajendra I
[d] Rajendra Chola

11. Which of the following gases is not known as green house gas ?

[a] Carbon dioxide
[b] Methane
[c] Nitrous oxide
[d] Chloro fluoro carbons

12. Who is the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest twice?

[a] Bachendri Paul
[b] Dicky Dolma
[c] Santhosh Yadav
[d] None of these

13. “Post mortem” means:

[a] medical examination after death
[b] operation
[c] surgical investigation
[d] medical check up

14. Choose opposite of the given word: Obstinate

[a] confused
[b] determined
[c] submissive
[d] unyielding

15. When did VAT introduce in India?

[a] April 21, 2005
[b] April 1, 2005
[c] April 11, 2005
[d] April 12, 2005

16. Who was known as Valiakappithan of Marthandavarma’s Army?

[a] D’Lannoy
[b] Steven Van Der Hagen
[c] Van Rheede
[d] None of these

17. I look —— to my brother as my guardian .

[a] up
[b] at
[c] for
[d] upon

18. The Viceroy upon when a bomb was thrown but he didnot change his attitude towards the Indians was

[a] Lord Hardinge
[b] Warren Hastings
[c] Lord Curzon
[d] Lord Chelmsford

19. Provide suitable prepositions. This wing of the building correspond ————— the other .

[a] at
[b] to
[c] by
[d] on

20. A boy buys 3 oranges for Rs.4. How much will be pay for 3 dozen oranges:

[a] Rs.36
[b] Rs.48
[c] Rs.38
[d] Rs.32

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