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Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 27

Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 27

Q.1. Consider the following statements about Internet facility:

I. It serves as the largest one-line information system.
II. It provides the most dependable and latest mode for sending E-mail.
III. Recurring expenditure on communication E-mail is very high.
IV. It is often misused and has triggered cyber-crimes.

Which of these statements are correct?

[1] I, II and IV
[2] I and IV
[3] II, III and IV
[4] II and III
[5] None of these

Q. 2. The computer device primarily used to provide hard copy is the

[1] CRT
[2] Line Printer
[3] Computer Console
[4] Card Reader
[5] None of these

Q. 3. The unit of hardware, which an operator uses to monitor computer processing, is the _______.

[1] Card Reader
[2] CPU
[3] Line Printer
[4] Console
[5] None of these

Q. 4. Computers can be classified in which of the following hierarchical orders?

[1] PC, Large, Super Micro, Super Computer
[2] Super Micro, PC, Large, Super Computer
[3] PC, Super Micro, Large, Super Computer
[4] Large, Super Micro, Super Computer, PC
[5] None of these

Q. 5. Which one of the following is a stored program machine?

[1] Micro-processor
[2] Calculator
[3] Analog-computer
[4] Micro-computer
[5] Terminal system

Q. 6. A type of line printer that uses an embossed steel band to form the letters printed on the paper is-

[1] Golf ball printer
[2] Dot-matrix printer
[3] Laser printer
[4] Band printer
[5] Laser Printer

Q. 7. A software used to convert source program instructions to object instruction is known as _____.

[1] Compiler
[2] Assembler
[3] Interpreter
[4] Language processor
[5] Booting software

Q. 8. Which of the following statement is wrong?

[1] Windows XP is an operating system
[2] Linux is owned and sold by Microsoft
[3] Photoshop is a graphical design tool by Adobe
[4] Linux is free and open source software
[5] DOS is single user operating system

Q. 9. Which one of the following is not an application software package?

[1] Red hat Linux
[2] Microsoft Office
[3] Adobe PageMaker
[4] Open Office
[5] Enterprise Resource Planning

Q. 10. Which one of the following is not a broadband Communication medium?

[1] Microwave
[2] Fiber optic cable
[3] Twisted pair
[4] Coaxial cable
[5] All

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