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Kerala PSC - Solved paper LD Typist/Clerk Typist exam conducted on 30 Apr 2016

Solved paper LD Typist/Clerk Typist exam conducted on 30 Apr 2016 (Paper Code - D)

1. Who is the organiser of Sadhujana Paripalana Sangam?
Answer - Ayyankali 

2. Who is the founder of Athma Vidya Sangam?
Answer - Vagbhatananda

3. Who is known as Mudichoodum Perumal?
Answer - Vaikunda Swami

4. Who called Ayyankali as a Pulaya Rajavu?
Answer - Mahatma Gandhi

5. Who was the leader of Savarna Jadha?
Answer -  Mannath Padmanabhan

6. East West distance of India in Km is
Answer - 2933 Kms

7. The height of Kanchenjunga in meter is
Answer - 8586 Meter (google Says) not in options

8. The river Bhagirathi and Alakananda join together at
Answer - Devprayag

9. What is the Name of river Brahmaputhra in Tibet?
Answer - Tsangpo

10. The wind 'Loo' blow in which season?
Ansewr -  Summer

11. Which is not member in ASEAN?
Answer -  India

12. Where is the headquaters of World Bank?
Answer - Washington

13. Who is the new President of Argentina?
Answer -  Mauricio Macri

14. Who is the Chief Minister of Bihar?
Answer - Nitheesh Kumar 

15. Who is the Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly?
Answer -  N Sakhthan

16. Who was the Viceroy of India during Bangal division?
Answer - Lord Curzon (google Says not in option)

17. Who was the President of Indian National congress in December 1929?
Answer - Jawaharlal Nehru

18. Who was the leader of Swaraj Party?
Answer - Chittaranjan das

19. When was the Second Round Table conference held?
Answer - 1931

20. Hindustan Steel Limited Rourkela is belong to
Answer - Orissa

21. Who is the Human Resource Development Minister of India?
Answer - Smrithi Irani

22. What is the name of Political party leaded by Aung San Suu Kyi?
Answer - National League for Democracy

23. Who is the Speaker of Lok Sabha?
Answer - Sumitra Mahajan

24. who is the chairperson of Kerala Human Right Commission?
Answer - Justice Jacob Benjamin Koshy

25. Who is the opossition leader of Kerala Legislative Assembly?
Answer - V. S. Achuthanandan

26. Which is the biggest pure water lake in Kerala?
Answer - Sasthamcotta Lake

27. Which is the second largest river in Kerala?
Answer - Bharathapuzha

28. Which is the river flow towards East?
Answer - Bhavani puzha

29. Where is the headquarters of SIDCO?
Answer - Thiruvananthapuram

30. Who is the founder of aruvipuram Kshethra Yogam?
Answer - Shree Narayana Guru

31. Govind spends _____ weekends at a holiday resort.
Answer - Alternate

32. Give one word for non professional or unpaid.
Answer -

33. Select the correctly spelt word.
Answer - Erroneous

34. _____ the traffic was bad, I arrived on time.
Answer - though

35. Raju said 'I wrote a letter'. (Change into indirect speech)
Answer - Raju said that he had written a letter

36. In hot weather we sit under the ____ of a tree.
Answer - Shade

37. It is a _____ to meet you.
Answer - pleasure

38. She ____ tomorrow to attend the wedding.
Answer - will come

39. A person blamed for a problem
Answer - Scapegoat

40. Gita broke the glass ____?
Answer - Did she

41. He stopped _____ the shop on the way home.
Answer - at

42. The pen you are looking ____ is here.
Answer - for

43. Somewhere in the distance, ____ bell rang.
Answer - a

44. When I first met him, he _____ in a hospital.
Answer - was working

45. 'I bought a book' is the active form of
Answer - A book was bought by me

46. _____ you help me?
Answer - Will

47. Opposite of the word 'obvious'
Answer - Hidden

48. I am always ___ trouble with my neighbours.
Answer - having

49. There isn't ____ to do now.
Answer - much

50. The synonym of 'Emphasis'
Answer - stress

51. The chart which illustrates comparisons among individual items
Answer - Bar Chart

52. Pre defined formulas that perform calculations by using specific values are
Answer - Functions

53. Title case in change case
Answer - Capitalises the first letter of the first word in the selected sentences.

54. In MS Word there are _____ alignments.
Answer - Four

55. Deleted files are move to
Answer - Recycle bin

56. The motive power for movement of carriage towards left is
Answer - Carriage rack

57. IN Malayalam typewriter there are ____ dead keys.
Answer - One

58. Which part of the typewriter is not oiled?
Answer - Platen

59. What is the size of A4 paper.
Answer - 210 × 297 millimeters

60. In Business letters 'to address' should be typed in ____ space.
Answer - Double line

61. Ctrl + U is the shortcut key for
Answer - Underline

62. One of the following is not subunit of CPU
Answer - Output Unit

63. To send a message to another user select New- mail message option from
Answer - File menu

64. Find and replace is in the _____ menu.
Answer - Edit

65. Close button is located on the right side of
Answer - Title bar

66. In a typewriter there are ____ carraige release levers.
Answer - Two

67. To type upper case characters continuously we use
Answer - Shift lock

68. Uneven space between the characters is
Answer - Sluggish movement

69. 'Cowl' is also known as
Answer - Type basket

70. In one inch there are ____ letters
Answer - 10

71. ____ key can be used to make a cancel selection in a menu
Answer - Esc key

72. The program that is used to write, edit and print text is
Answer - Word processor

73. Which one is not a component of a slide?
Answer - Handouts

74. ______ contains all the menu commands available for that particular application
Answer - Menubar

75. Intersection of rows and columns is
Answer - Cells

76. Two space should not be left after
Answer - Colon

77. The sign 'stet' in manuscript is to
Answer - Delete

78. In D.O. letter complementary close will be
Answer -Yours sincerely

79. Which is not rubber part of a typewriter?
Anwer - Dog block

80. Event though there are 2 characters on a typeface only one letter causes impression because of
Answer - Up and down movement of ribbon

81. Monitor is also known as
Answer - Visual Display Unit

82. Which one is not a search engine?
Answer - Virus

83. Ctrl + X is shortcut key for
Answer - Cut

84. One of the following is not e-mail term
Answer - Backward

85. Spelling mistakes in document typed appear with
Answer - Red underline

86. Capital 'D' is used for
Answer - 500

87. After the interrogation mark ____ should be left
Answer - Two space

88. Which one is not non-character key?
Answer - Margin release key

89. The important tension in a typewriter is
Answer - Main Spring Tension

90. Footnotes are typed in
Answer - Single line spacing

91. The keyboard shortcut to move one cell to the right is
Answer - Tab key

92. ____ bar contains document name
Answer - Titlebar

93. Meaning of shift + Home
Answer - to the beginning of the line

94. The worksheet of Excel 2000 contains _____ columns
Answer - 256

95. Small graphical images representing the object
Answer - Icon

96. Guide keys are
Answer - 'a' and ';'

97. Receivers address is typed on
Answer - Right half of the envelop

98. Master key in typewriter is
Answer -N

99. If the dogs are worn out it causes
Answer - Sluggish movement

100. Who has developed the 'Touch system'
Answer - Franc Mc Gurrin
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