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Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 39

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 39

1. A non-living component of a living cell is:

[a] Ribosome
[b] Mitochondria
[c] Vacuole
[d] Endoplasmic reticulum

2. The most abundant substance on Earth is

[a] soil
[b] carbon
[c] water
[d] metals

3. The constitutional validity of the laws passed by the states and the parliament is decided by ————

[a] the President
[b] the Prime Minister
[c] the Supreme Court
[d] the Speaker

4. Who built the mausoleum of Jahangir and where ?

[a] Nur Jahan at Lahore
[b] Shahjahan at Agra
[c] Nur Jahan at Fatehpur Sikri
[d] Shajahan at Delhi

5. Pneumonia affects

[a] Lungs
[b] Kidney
[c] Heart
[d] Brain

6. UNICEF is an international body concerned with the welfare of ————

[a] Labourers
[b] Children
[c] Politicians
[d] Woman

7. The capital of the Yadava rulers was

[a] Dwarasamudra
[b] Warangal
[c] Kalyani
[d] Devagiri

8. A doctor advised a boy to wear spectacles with cylindrical lens. This is to rectify his —————

[a] Short sight
[b] Long sight
[c] Cataract
[d] Astigmatism

9. Pulakesin’s brother, Vishnuvardhana took over his share of the Chalukya empire in 630 A.D. and established the Eastern Chalukya dynasty with capital at

[a] Vatapi
[b] Aihole
[c] Rajamundry
[d] Hyderabad

10. Medical encyclopaedias and pharmacopoeias were composed in ancient India, the most famous being that of Charaka, who was contemporary of

[a] Chandragupta Maurya
[b] Ashoka
[c] Kanishka
[d] Samudragupta

11. The Paris Commune took place in:

[a] 1900
[b] 1871
[c] 1921
[d] 1847

12. From the third century AD when the Hun invasion ended the Roman Empire, the Indian merchants relieved more and more on the

[a] African trade
[b] West-European trade
[c] South-East Asian trade
[d] Middle Eastern Trade

13. Alexander’s invasion of India

[a] Established Greek rule in India
[b] Opened the land route from Europe to India
[c] Paved the way for the political disunity of India
[d] Produced no cultural effects

14. Which of the following statements is not applicable to metals?

[a] High melting point
[b] High boiling point
[c] High density
[d] Low melting point

15. All of the following kings of the Haryanka line in the sixth and fifth centruies B.c. were parricides, except

[a] Ajatashatru
[b] Aniruddha
[c] Bimbisara
[d] Munda

16. The World Food Programme is meant to:

[a] keep a buffer stock of food grains
[b] serve as a food bank for countries not able to meet their requirements of food
[c] regulate the production of food grains
[d] None of these

17. Which of the metropolitan cities of India is nearest to the equator?

[a] Delhi
[b] Mumbai
[c] Chennai
[d] Calcutta

18. The unit of power is

[a] gram
[b] watt
[c] litre
[d] kilogram

19. The longest night in the northern hemisphere is on ————

[a] 21 March
[b] 21 June
[c] 22 December
[d] 23 September

20. Mangalore, Parambakkam and Porto Novo were places where major battles took place during the

[a] First Anglo-Mysore war
[b] Second Anglo-Mysore war
[c] Third Anglo-Mysore war
[d] Fourth Anglo-Mysore war

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