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Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 38

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 38

1. Bharatiya Jnanpith Award is given to

[a] Best scholor in Hindi
[b] Best Actor
[c] Teacher
[d] Best writer in India

2. Only —— people are ——— after death.

[a] virulent, glorified
[b] vicious, condemned
[c] virile, forgotten
[d] virtuous, remembered

3. Every body complains _____ corruption in public life.

[a] for
[b] to
[c] about
[d] against

4. Which of the following Five Year Plans was terminated one year before its completion ?

[a] Second
[b] Third
[c] Fourth
[d] Fifth

5. In which field X-rays are not used

[a] Medical
[b] Industries
[c] Crystallography
[d] Radar

6. Movement in the leaf of the touch-me not plant is

[a] Photonasty
[b] Sesimonasty
[c] Nyctinasty
[d] None of these

7. Who was known as Valiakappithan of Marthandavarma’s Army?

[a] D’Lannoy
[b] Steven Van Der Hagen
[c] Van Rheede
[d] None of these

8. Rewrite as directed:He is very strong. He can lift the trunk. (Use “enough”)

[a] He is enough strong to lift the trunk.
[b] He is enough strong lift the trunk.
[c] He is strong enough to lift the trunk.
[d] He is strong enough lift the trunk.

9. Which of the following is a non-ferrous metal ?

[a] Aluminium
[b] Iron
[c] Nickel
[d] Cobalt

10. Who was signed in Atlantic Charter for India?

[a] Sardar Vallabhai Patel
[b] Dadabhai Navaroji
[c] Ramaswami Muthaliyar
[d] V.K. Krishna Menon

11. Which film won the 67th Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama?

[a] The Hurt Locker
[b] Inglorious Basterds
[c] The Blind Slide
[d] Avatar

12. Psephology is a

[a] Study of humand mind
[b] Study of human body
[c] Statistical study of elections voting etc.
[d] Study of Plants

13. What is a sponge?

[a] A plant
[b] An animal
[c] A fungus
[d] A fossil

14. Errors in Computer programmes are called

[a] Follies
[b] Mistakes
[c] Bugs
[d] Span

15. Which is the number of players in ‘Bridge’?

[a] 2
[b] 5
[c] 8
[d] 11

16. The Mauryan dynasty was overthrown by

[a] Harsha
[b] Samudra Gupta
[c] Pushyamitra Sunga
[d] Kanishka

17. The resting place of Narasimha Rao

[a] Nigam Bodhghat
[b] Narayan Ghat
[c] Buddha Purnima Park
[d] Ekthasthal

18. The amount of light entering the eye is regulated by

[a] Cornea
[b] Pupil
[c] lris
[d] Schlera

19. Prize of Lockarno Film Festival of Switzerland is known as............

[a] Golden Deer
[b] Golden Palm
[c] Golden Leopard
[d] None of these

20. A.............contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps on an algorithm

[a] Syntax
[b] Programming language
[c] Programming Structure
[d] Logic Chart

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