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Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 08

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 08

1. Name the President of India who addressed the Kerala Assembly firstly?

2. Central Tuber Crops Research Institute is located at

3. First Keralite appear on postage Stamp

4. In 1956 Kerala State was formulated with how many districts?

5. Which place is known as the Mecca of Kerala?

6. Who propagated the idea of "Nirgunopasana" or worship without idol?

7. St. Thomas arrived in Kerala in

8. 'Kuthiramalika' at Thiruvananthapuram Palace Coplex was constructed by

9. The first floating ATM in the world has been set up in a Jankar Boat, operating between?

10. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) is located at

11. The first woman Vice Chancellor of Kerala State?

12. The first Malayalam Leicon was prepared by?

13. 'Hortus Malabaricus' is a book on?

14. The first Litigation - free village in India?

15. In which year the Kurichiyar of Wayanad revolted against the British?

16. The ruler who introduced Thrissur Pooram

17. Longest serving member of Kerala Legislative Assembly?

18. The first malayali to get Magsaysay Award?

19. State Institute of Rural Development is situated at?

20. Who became the Chief Minister of Kerala for the most number of times?

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