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Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 33

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 33

1. I have to blame ———— for his failure.

[a] myself
[b] mine
[c] my own
[d] me

2. I am ——for your reply.

[a] awaiting
[b] waiting
[c] wanting
[d] None of these

3. Out of the following who was President of the Indian National Congress?

[a] Vijayalakshmi Pandit
[b] Annie Besant
[c] Sucheta Kripalani
[d] Aruna Asaf Ali

4. Burma was separated from India in

[a] 1935
[b] 1937
[c] 1939
[d] 1941

5. The Smallest cells in the human body are

[a] Muscle cells
[b] Nerve cells
[c] Blood cells
[d] Epithelial cells

6. Who is the present chairman of Apple company?

[a] Steve job
[b] Arthor Levinson
[c] Virgina Romettei
[d] None of these

7. Which of the following is now a punishable offence by a Bank Account holder ?

[a] If a cheque is not crossed
[b] If a post-dated cheque is issued
[c] If a cheque drawn by him is dishonoured for insufficiency of funds in his account
[d] Issuing a cheque without signature

8. Which word is correctly spelt.?

[a] occasion
[b] ocassion
[c] occassion
[d] occation

9. Where was held the Senior Asian Wrestling Championship?

[a] Thashkent
[b] Simla
[c] Darjiling
[d] None of these

10. In India, iron and steel industry made its beginning in 1870. The first factory was set up at:

[a] Jamshedpur
[b] Durgapur
[c] Rourkela
[d] Kulti

11. The year in which American civil war broke out was?

[a] 1860
[b] 1886
[c] 1861
[d] 1865

12. Diamond is an allotropic form of

[a] Carbon
[b] Sulphur
[c] Silicon
[d] Germanium

13. 'Globalisation of Indian Economy' means

[a] Stepping up external borrowings
[b] establishing Indian business units abroad
[c] having minimum possible restrictions on economic relations with other countries up programmes of import substitution
[d] giving up programmes of import substitution

14. A well-known patron of the Mahayana form of Buddhism was

[a] Ajatashatru
[b] Bimbisara
[c] Ashoka
[d] Kanishka

15. Japanese art of flower arrangement:

[a] Origami
[b] Ikebana
[c] Harakiri
[d] Sudoku

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