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Kerala PSC - Welfare Organiser, Online Examination Solved Paper held on 10 Mar 2016

Kerala PSC - Welfare Organiser, Online Examination Solved Paper

1. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
Answer - work

2. The colour in the outer are of a primary rainbow is
Answer- red

3. SI unit of electric current is
Answer - ampere 

4. According to Ohm's law, the relation between resistance (R), current (I) and potential difference (V) is
Answer - R=V/I

5. The statement of Newton's second law is
Answer - The rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the eternal force acting on it.

6. Which of the following device is used to reduce electric current in an a c circuit without reduction in power
Answer - Inductor

7. If a radioactive nucleus emits an alpha particle
Answer - its atomic number decreases by two and mass number decreases by four

8. The reason for the blue colour of the ocean is
Answer - scattering

9. Which of the following can be used to make rectifier
Answer - p n junction diode

10. The focal length of a convex lens is 25 cm. Then its power is
Answer - 4D

11. The chemical formula of smelling salt is
Answer - Ammonium carbonate

12. Which of the following element is most electro negative
Answer -  Fluorine

13. The size of weather baloon becomes larger and larger as it ascends up into higher altitude which gas law is applicable here
Answer - Boyle's Law

14. Which one of the following subshell is not possible
Answer - 3f

15. Bauxite is the ore of
Answer - Aluminium

16. The gas liberate when Hydrochloric Acid react with water
Answer - Hydrogen

17. The pH of pure water
Answer - 7

18. The oxydation number of sulphur in sulphuric acid is
Answer - 6

19. What is meant by MSG
Answer - Mono Sodium Glutamate

20. Organic compounds contain triple bonds between carbon atoms are called
Answer - Alkyne

21. The geographical land galapagos is connected with which of the following scientist
Answer - Charles Darwin

22. The cells organell concerned with protein synthesis is
Answer - Ribosome

23. The hormone that enable plants to bent towards the source of light is
Answer - Auxin

24. The Fluid mossaic model on the structure of plasma membrane was given by
Answer - Singer and Nicolson

25. The crossing over during meiosis occur during which phase
Answer - Pachytene

26. The Five kingdom classification on living organisms was proposed by
Answer - R H Whittaker

27. The proteinacious pigment that enables plants to light sensitive process like flowering and see germination
Answer - Phytochrome

28. The ozone umbrella is located on which layer of earth atmosphere
Answer - Stratosphere

29. The father of Green revolution in India is
Answer - Dr MS Swamynathan

30. The reticulate veination in leaf is an identifying feature of which of the following plant group
Answer - Dicotyledons

31. Nervous tissue is made up of
Answer - Neurons

32. Name the pigment present in the cone cells of eye.
Answer - Lodopsin

33. Name the male sex hormone in human beings.
Answer - Testosterone

34. Which is the most common test for identifying the presence of sugar in urine sample
Answer - Benedict's test

35. Which are the structural and functional units of human kidney
Answer - Nephrons

36. Name a disease which is spreading by direct contact
Answer - Ringworm

37. Name the ion which is very essential for blood clotting
Answer - Ca

38. Who is considered as the father of Genetics?
Answer - Gregor Mendel

39. Which is the natural coating of our teeth surface?
Answer - Enamel

40. Name the membranes which cover and protect our lungs.
Answer - Pleura

41. Identify the next number in the series 1,5,10,16,23,31....
Answer - 40

42. Identify the missing term KPA,____,MRC,NSD,OTE
Answer -

43. Which of the following is not a leap year?
Answer - 1800

44. How many times the hands of a clock will be in vertically opposite directions from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.?
Answer - 12 Times

45. If the following series is written in the reverse order then which will be the 6th letter to the right of the 5th letter from your left?
Answer - P

46. If EGKPT is coded as 15789 and ALUR is coded as 2346. How is ALGUT coded?
Answer - 23549

47. 'Ancient' is related to 'Modern' in the same way 'Often' is related to
Answer - Seldom

48. If 53'-:' 31 = 2, 45'-:' 27 = 1, 69 '-:' 32 = 3 then 97'-:'26 = ?
Answer - 2

49. Identify the odd man out
Answer - JULY

50. A and B started from a fixed place. A moves 4 km to the North and turns right, then walks 6 km. B moves towards West and walks 6 km then turns to right and walks 6 km then turns to right and walks 4 km. How far A is from B?
Answer - 12
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