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Kerala PSC - Solved Paper Technical Assistant (KHADI) held on 15 Mar 2016

Kerala PSC - Solved Paper Technical Assistant (KHADI) held on 15 Mar 2016

1. In weft knitting loop length controlled by
Answer - Stich can

2. A non-ionic dye which is relatively insoluble in water at room temperature
Answer - Disperse Dye

3. Mercerisation of the linen help to minimize the
Answer - Decrease in resistance to abrasion

4. The type of polymerisation used for the production of polyacrylontirile is
Answer - Radical addition polymerisation

5. Fora 1/3 twill weave, which will take least heald shaft movement
Answer - Open shed

6. Flex, jute and ramie fibres are belongs to the family of
Answer - Bast fibre

7. In an air jet weaving machine, propelling force generating for insertion of weft yarn is not depend on the
Answer - Strength of yarn

8. In finishing process combination of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds used for
Answer - Flame retardant

9. Thinnest yarn fault in classimat among the following is
Answer - 1-2

10. Pressure bar provided in a draw frame drafting for
Answer - Reducing the ressure on the fibre assembly within the drafting zoneb

11. Most of the seed coat particles are removed effectively in
Answer - Carding

12. Which of the following yarn is finest?
Answer - 10 tex

13. The fibre which has a mineral origin
Answer - Asbestos

14. The difference between the cost price and selling price
Answer - Mark up

15. The operation of twisting of long silk filament yarn called
Answer - Throwig of silk

16. Stifling of silk is the process of
Answer - Killing moth inside the cocoons by a steam or hot water

17. Design used for denim fibre
Answer - 3/1 twill

18. A silk fabric contsructed with a weft sateen figure on a warp sation or twill or plain ground called
Answer - Damask

19. Which is not a function of geotextile?
Answer - Protection

20. The fibres not used for the production of military protective clothing
Answer - polyurethane

21. The most suitable weave for ballistic protective clothing is
Answer - Plain weave

22. What are the primary colours in pigment theory?
Answer - Red, yellow, blue

23. The weave that produce longitudinal warp line in the cloth with fine sunken lines in between is called
Answer - Bedford cord

24. Function of positive feed in knitting is
Answer - Regulate the amount of yarn feed

25. If the needle is not raised and does not receive the new feed yarn, a loop form called
Answer - Miss loop

26. In a carding machine wire points arranged in opposite direction and move same direction with different speed; the action called
Answer - Crading

27. State the function of presser
Answer - To close the bread

28. Define sinker loop
Answer - The yarn connect two adjecent needle loop

29. Amount of water used for the insertion of weft in water jet loom
Answer - 0.5/0.9cc/pick

30. State the function of swing door mechanism
Answer - Regulate the feed cotton

31. The function of weft brake in projectile weaving machine is
Answer - Applies tension to weft yarn at appropriate time

32. A defect caused by hardened fluff or foreign matter into the fabric is called
Answer - Goat

33. A loom truly tremed 'automatic' must have the following mechanism in addition to the essential mechanism
Answer - Positive warp let-off motion, warp stop motion and weft replenishment motion

34. The cause for nep formation in blow room
Answer - Too high or low beater speed

35. Place many number of plies of fabric one over other and aligned length and width of fabric together is called
Answer - Spreading

36. Function of feed dog in sewing machine
Answer - Help to move the cloth forward while sewing

37. Dugdales terry motion working on the principle of
Answer - loose reed principle

38. Two or more shuttle boxes fitted with both end of loom called
Answer - Pick at will looms

39. Find the calculated production of plain loom running with 160RPM, 40 pick/inches with an efficiency of 75%
Answer - 4 inches/minute

40. Warp yarns of one shed line do not cross all the yarns of other shed line at the same time. This is called
Answer - Staggering of healds

41. A centre weft fork motion
Answer - Check presence of weft in every picks

42. The function of check strap is
Answer - Destroying the momentun of shuttle entered in shuttle box

43. In dwell of tappet period means
Answer - Healds with remain stationary

44. Temperature of the size in a sow box for cotton sizing
Answer - 92 2C

45. Primary ingredients in sizing are
Answer - Adhesives, softeners, antiseptic agents

46. In a pirn winding machine function of layer locking device is
Answer - Improve prin stabiltiy

47. The main advantage of splicing is
Answer - Uniform diameter of yarn

48. In a drum winding machine
Answer - Package RPM is decreases empty to full

49. In winding two and a half turn fully accelerated drum means
Answer - All the above

50. When succeeding coils are widely spaced on the package, it is known as
Answer - Open winding

51. In a right hand dobby first pick is controlled by
Answer - Bend feeler and bottom hook

52. Normal clearance in a parallel blade slub catcher for carded counts
Answer - 1.5 to 2 times of yarn diameter

53. Advantage of swinging blade type slub catcher over fixed blade
Answer - Cheap and esay to maintain

54. Advantage of early shedding is
Answer - Heavy wefting

55. Which one is incidental waste in weaving?
Answer - Waste from package fault

56. Narrow, bare and dense stripes running along the warp direction of fabric is called
Answer - Warp streaks

57. The depth of reed wire along the direction of warp yarn is known as
Answer - Gauge number of reed wire

58. Refractometer used for
Answer - To indicate consistency of solid contents in size pick up

59. The length and weight unit of Denier English count system
Answer - Hank of 520 yards and 1 denier

60. Count defined in Denier metric system as the
Answer - Number of one-grain weight units of yarn presents in 9000 meters

61. Heald count in a plain set is
Answer - Number of heald eyes per inches across the width

62. Reed count is the number of dents in two inches in
Answer - Stokport system

63. Tachometer used for measuring
Answer - RPM and surface speed

64. If 200 yards of cotton yarn weigh 2 grams.what is the count in Ne?
Answer - 54s

65. The calculated count determined from the total length and total weight of different count termed as
Answer - Average count

66. Find the resultant count of 8s,24s and 12s
Answer - 4s

67. If 30km of cotton yarn is 2.5kg, what is the count in French cotton system
Answer - 6sNf

68. Find the range of the followiag test results strenght in lbs -113,108,124,128,110
Answer - 20lbs

69. The whole material available for testing is called
Answer - Population

70. The ability of a fabric to assume a graceful appearannce in use is
Answer - Drape

71. Fraction of the area of the fabric covered by both warp and weft threads called
Answer - Cloth cover

72. Cover factor calculated from
Answer - Threads per inch and count of yarn

73. Uster evenness tester working on
Answer - capacitance principle

74. Circumference of wrap reel is
Answer - 1.5 yards

75.Single thread strength tester of the pendulum type lever working on the principle of
Answer - constant rate of extension

76. The relation between TPI and yarn count is
Answer - TPI=TMx '"sqrt[count]"'

77. Linters are
Answer - Short fibres adheres to cotton seed

78. Fibre quality index is given by the formula
Answer - FQI='[Lusm]/[F]

79. One lea of 20s cotton yarn consists of
Answer - 120 yards

80. Instrument not used for the measurement of bundle strength is
Answer - Arealometer

81. Micronaire value is a combination of
Answer - Fineness and maturity

82. Which is a burning characteristic of pure silk?
Answer - Burn, melt slowly when present to the flame

83. What is the corrected count of yarn?
Answer - Count of yarn corrected in standard regain

84. A yarn made with irregular profile or construction that differs from single or floded yarn called
Answer - Fancy yarn

85. Wool fibre made with a naturally occurring protein
Answer - Keratin

86. A small tangled knot of fibre often caused by fibre processing is
Answer - Nep

87. Average length of Gossypium hirsutum is
Answer - 22-24mm

88. The diatance between the nip line in related to the distribution of fibre length within the sliver called
Answer - Roller setting

89. Main contributors to thick and thin places in yarns are
Answer - Un opened fibre and drafting irregularities

90.The most important single cause for within bobbin count variation
Answer - Defective draw frame

91. Prime cause for excessive stretch in fly frame
Answer - Incorrect initial position of cone drum belt

92. Percentage of yarn produced from a given weight of bale cotton
Answer - Yan realisation

93. Common yarn objectionalbe faults in the fabric are
Answer - Thick places and neps

94. Cause for a catastrophic end breaks in spinning
Answer - Collision between balloons

95. A periodic check on fractionating efficiency have
Answer - Judge the mechanical condition of comber

96. A convenient and reliable method for estimating the loss of efficiency and its causes called
Answer - Snap reading

97. The ratio of machine production to the labour employment ratio expressed as percentage is
Answer - Productivity

98. A periodic critical examination of machine to identify mechanical condition of various parts and machine setting, which are likely to affect quality and productivity is called
Answer - RPM of doffer

99. Transfer efficiency of fibres in a carding cylinder decided by
Answer - Tooth angle in cylinder

100. The function of front plate is
Answer - To regulate the cleaning efficiency of carding machine
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