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Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 4

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 4

1. Ajanta paintings associated with whose period ?

[a] Magadha’s Period
[b] Gupta’s Period
[c] Maurya’s Period
[d] Harsha’s Perios
[e] None of these

2. Who was the tutor of Alexander the Great ?

[a] Aristotle
[b] Aedesia
[c] Damascius
[d] Himerius
[e] None of these

3. …………….. is the only Indus site with an artificial dockyard

[a] Mohenjo-Daro
[b] Harappa
[c] Kalibangan
[d] Lothal
[e] None of these

4. The Foundation of the city of Puhar was laid by ………………………

[a] Aditya Chola
[b] Rajendra Chola I
[c] Rajendra Chola II
[d] Karikala
[e] None of these

5. Who introduced the Mansabdari System ?

[a] Jahangir
[b] Sajahan
[c] Akbar
[d] Humayun
[e] None of these

6. The Famous Shore Temple located in

[a] Mahabalipuram
[b] Thanjavur
[c] Kalyat
[d] Kaveripoompattinam
[e] None of these

7. Who established the first supremacy of Indian Army in the Arabian Sea ?

[a] Nedujelian
[b] Rajaraja I
[c] Karikala
[d] Rajaraja II
[e] None of these

8. Guru Nanak was born in …………………..

[a] 1452
[b] 1543
[c] 1658
[d] 1469
[e] None of these

9. The city of Agra was founded by …………………….

[a] Shivaji
[b] Abul Fazai
[c] Sikandar Lodi
[d] Shah Jahan
[e] None of these

10. Who was the highest officer in the army during the 13th century ?

[a] Kahlji
[b] Head
[c] Chief
[d] Khan
[e] None of these

11. Sulva Sutra is related to

[a] Geometry
[b] Astronomy
[c] Agriculture
[d] Political
[e] None of these

12. Who was the author of Silappadikaram ?

[a] Kambar
[b] Ilango Adiggal
[c] Vishnu Sharma
[d] Avvaiyar
[e] None of these

13. In how many classes was the Indian Society divided by Magasthenes ?

[a] Eight
[b] Six
[c] Seven
[d] Five
[e] None of these

14. In which metal did the Satavahanas mainly mint their coins ?

[a] Gold
[b] Silver
[c] Copper
[d] Lead
[e] None of these

15. The Language used in writing the source materials of ancient India was ………………

[a] Sanskrit
[b] Hindi
[c] Pali
[d] Urdu
[e] None of these

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