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Kerala PSC - Facts about Renaissance of Kerala - 04

Kerala PSC - Facts about Renaissance of Kerala - 04

1. Who was the author of Silappathikaram?

2. Ilango Adigal was a _____ monk?

3. Name the Chera ruler who was the brother of Ilango Adigal?

4. Who are the central characters in the Silappathikaram?

5. As per the Silappathikaram, which city was cursed by Kannagi?

6. Who is the author of Manimekalai?

7. Saathanar was a _____ poet?

8. The story of Manimekalai is a sequel to which epic?

9. Who was the author of Perumal Thirumozhi?

10. Nayanars were _____ saints?

11. Azhvars were _____ saints?

12. Who was the founder of second Chera dynasty?

13. Name the author of Periyapuranam?

14. Which was the oldest dynasty of south Kerala?

15. Which was the capital of the Ay Kingdom?

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