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Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 05

Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 05

1. The First War of Indian Independence was broke out at:

2. Who was the founder of Arya Samaj?

3. The identifying number given to the income tax payers is ______?

4. Who is known as the ‘Father of Green Revolution in India'?

5. Where is the first Eco Tourism project in India?

6. The leader who became the Chief Minister in Travancore, Thiru-Kochi & Kerala was ______?

7. In which year was Kerala declared as India's first fully literate state?

8. What was the number of districts at the time of the formation of Kerala State?

9. In which year Gandhiji visited Kerala for the first time?

10. Who presides over the joint session of Indian Parliament?

11. What is the name of India's research station at Arctic?

12. In which layer of the atmosphere is the Ozone Layer situated?

13. The Human Rights Day is observed on:

14. What is the percentage of women's reservation to local self government institutions in Kerala?

15. Who was the first & only woman Chief Election Commissioner of India?

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