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Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 09

Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 09
Kerala Public Service Commission Recruitment of Beat Forest Officer vacancies in 2016 under Forest Department. for Male/Female candidates who are waiting for Forest Officer latest recruitment in Kerala PSC (KPSC). Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016.

1. The ph value of human blood is__?

[a] 7.40
[b] 7.20
[c] 0
[d] 8.60

2. The rarest blood group is __.

[a] O negative
[b] B negative
[c] AB positive
[d] AB negative

3. The metal present in the haemoglobin is __ .

[a] Copper
[b] Calcium
[c] Iron
[d] Aluminium

4. Age of fishes was known as __.

[a] Devonian
[b] Ordovician
[c] Crustaceous
[d] Silurian

5. The metal present in the chlorophyll is __.

[a] Calcium
[b] Aluminium
[c] Zinc
[d] Magnesium

6. The important sugar in honey is __.

[a] Lactose
[b] Fructose
[c] Maltose
[d] Sucrose

7. The number of Chromosomes in the human gene is __.

[a] 23
[b] 48
[c] 46
[d] 24

8. Viticulture is related with __.

[a] Grapes
[b] Pine Apple
[c] Orange
[d] Strawberry

9. The acid present in Vinegar is

[a] Citric Acid
[b] Acetic Acid
[c] Oxalic Acid
[d] Malic Acid

10. The longest and largest bone in the human body is __.

[a] Spinal Cord
[b] Humerus
[c] Fibula
[d] Femur

11. The average weight of the human brain is __.

[a] 1,500 grams
[b] 1,200 grams
[c] 1,400 grams
[d] 1,300 grams

12. Which part of human brain is affected by alcohol?

[a] Cerebrum
[b] Cerebellum
[c] Medulla Oblongata
[d] Corpus Callosum

13. The first heart Transplantation in India was in the Year __.

[a] 3rd August 1994
[b] 13th August 1994
[c] 3rd September 1994
[d] 13th September 1994

14. The largest organ in the human body is __.

[a] Gland
[b] Bone
[c] Skin
[d] Liver

15. Which type of lens is used to correct myopia?

[a] Convex lens
[b] Concave lens
[c] Biconcave lens
[d] Biconvex lens

16. There are several levels of protein structure, the most complex of which is

[a] primary
[b] secondary
[c] tertiary
[d] quaternary

17. Animals store glucose in the form of

[a] amylose
[b] glycogen
[c] glycerol
[d] guanine

18. The globular shape of a protein is called the

[a] primary structure
[b] secondary structure
[c] tertiary structure
[d] quaternary structure

19. What happens during a hydrolysis reaction?

[a] protein coils into its secondary structure
[b] the bond between two subunits of a macromolecule is broken
[c] saturated fats become unsaturated
[d] a bond is formed between two subunits of a macromolecule

20. Molecules that have the same chemical formula but have different molecular structures are called

[a] isotopes
[b] ions
[c] structural isotopes
[d] isomers

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