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Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 12

Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 12

Q.1. In oops, hiding individual components of an entry is ……….

[a] Polymorphism
[b] Encapsulation
[c] Scaling
[d] Not recommended in C++
[e] None of these

Q.2. In MS Office, you can convert existing Excel worksheet data and charts to HTML document by using the -

[a] Internet Assistant Wizard
[b] Intranet Wizard
[c] Import Wizard
[d] Export Wizard
[e] Extranet wizard

Q.3. To keep track of different editions of a document, which feature we will use?

[a] editions
[b] versions
[c] tracks
[d] traces
[e] upgrade

Q.4. What is the use of bookmarks?

[a] To correct the spellings.
[b] To jump to a specific location in the document
[c] To ignore spelling mistakes
[d] To save alignments as they are.
[e] None of these

Q.5. What is the smallest and largest available font on formatting toolbar?

[a] Smallest 8 and Largest 70
[b] Smallest 5 and Largest 72
[c] Smallest 8 and Largest 72
[d] Smallest 5 and Largest 70
[e] Smallest 0 and Largest 72

Q.6. In PowerPoint, which file format can be added to a PowerPoint show?

[a] .gif
[b] .jpg
[c] .wav
[d] .jpeg
[e] All of the above

Q.7. Which mode has no collisions?

[a] Simplex
[b] Half Duplex
[c] Full Duplex
[d] All of the above
[e] None of the above

Q.8. A dedicated switch port is required for each …..

[a] Full duplex node
[b] Half duplex node
[c] Simplex
[d] Both of the above
[e] None of the above

Q.9. MAC address is of how many bits -

[a] 16 bit
[b] 24 bit
[c] 32 bit
[d] 48 bit
[e] 128 bit

Q.10. Macintosh computer uses -

[a] System 7.0
[b] AU/X
[c] Xenix
[d] All of these
[e] none of the above

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